Our Story

Chapter 1

A Deep Love for Watches as Tools

68Watches was conceived from a profound love for watches—not merely as accessories but as tools, serving a multitude of roles. From the robust and rugged to the intricate and elegant, watches symbolize the perfect fusion of form and function. Our journey began with an appreciation for the versatility of these timekeeping instruments, recognizing them as companions in the diverse jobs they undertake.

Chapter 2

The Drive for Self-Sufficiency

At the core of our brand is a relentless pursuit of self-sufficiency. The desire to be masters of our own watches, to tinker with them, and to unleash their full potential on every adventure became the driving force that propelled us onto this extraordinary path. We believe in the beauty of self-sufficiency, where every watch owner can be equipped to care for their timepiece on the go, wherever their journey takes them.

Chapter 3

Tinkering and Exploration

We are enthusiasts who love to tinker. Whether it's tracking dives into the depths of the ocean, wearing a trusted companion to the office, or exposing it to the extremes of a mountain peak, we revel in using our watches to their absolute full potential. The joy comes not just from owning a watch but from pushing it to its limits and beyond.

We firmly believe that every watch owner should have the tools at their disposal to be the steward of their timepiece. Whether you're at the bottom of the ocean, scaling a peak, or working hard in the daily grind, your watch should be a reliable companion, and you should have the means to care for it wherever life takes you.

Our founder has been fortunate enough to take his watches to the depths of the ocean looking for tuna, high into the mountain ranges while backpacking, and "beating the shit out of it" at a demanding workplace. Using these tools for their intended purpose and extracting the utmost from your watch brings us unparalleled joy.

Chapter 4

Origins of Our Name

The name 68Watches stems from the U.S. Military's M.O.S. code for a combat medic, a "68W." Just as a combat medic is attached to an infantry unit, patching them up when needed to keep their squad operating at its full potential, so too is the job of a watch owner. Attached to your watch, patching it up as needed, and keeping it operating at its full potential. The history of watches in the services highlights a long-standing deep connection between man and machine, and we strive to keep that connection strong and beating.

Chapter 5

Robust and Rugged, Intricate and Elegant

Watches, in their myriad of designs, mirror the diversity of the tasks they can perform. From enduring the harshest conditions to gracing the most formal occasions, they are versatile allies. The robust and rugged timepieces stand as a testament to durability, while the intricate and elegant exemplify the artistry that can be encapsulated in a small machine.

Chapter 6

Machines Given Life

In our eyes, watches are more than machines; they are entities infused with life. They symbolize the harmony between craftsmanship and functionality, embodying the idea that a machine can become a living part of our daily existence.

Watches, to us, are not just accessories but companions that live alongside us through countless adventures. They witness the passage of time, beating with every step we take, and becoming an integral part of the experiences that shape our lives.

As we move through life's journey, watches are steadfast companions, experiencing time with us. They are not mere adornments; they are symbols of shared moments, silent witnesses to the highs and lows, and reminders of the beauty found in every second.


A Journey Through Time

At 68Watches, we celebrate the essence of watches as tools, companions, and symbols. Our collection reflects the deep-seated love we have for these timekeeping companions and the belief that every watch narrates a unique story. Join us in embracing the journey, where time intertwines with life's adventures.